Our College Park Office offers an Array of Payment Options for our Patients

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Our College Park Office offers an Array of Payment Options for our Patients

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College Park Doctor, Dr. Hamner Offers an Array of Payment Options and discounts for his Patients who self-pay

Foremost, Phoenix Medical Office at College Park would like to formally welcome you to the family. We are pleased you have chosen us to care for you and we commit to enhance the value and quality of your care.

Payment For Services
For your convenience, we accept cash, VISA, MasterCard, and personal checks. Starter checks are not accepted. A valid picture ID is required on all checks. If co-payments. coinsurances and/or deductibles are required by your insurance plan, they are due when senrlces are rendered.

Self-Pay Patients

The group welcomes self-paying patients when no insurance coverage is available for our services. Patients who have no insurance are asked to pay in fulI at the time of service. If for any reason you may be unable to pay in full at the time of service, speak with the office manager in advance of the visit to determine if reasonable payment arrangements can be established with the group.

Insurance Coverages
Your Physician's Participation With Your Insurance Plan
Our group accepts most major insurance plans. Prior to your initial visit with your physician, you should confirm that he or she participates with your personal insurance. If the physician does not participate with your insurance plan, you will be responsible for payment of. all charges at the time of your visit. You will be provided a completed superbill listing all the pertinent information you Will need to submit to your insurance plan for any reimbursement for which you may be eligible.

Current Insurance and Patient Demographic Information
If your physician participates with your insurance plan, we will file a claim on your behalf and only request payment at the time of service for any co-payments, deductibles. coinsurances or services that are not covered by your plan. For the group to file your insurance, we must have the current insurance coverage(s) and be made aware of any changes in either insurance or patient address or phone numbers. Please bring your insurance card to every visit so that we can confirm your coverage. A current copy of your card must be kept on the file in order for us to file insurance claims on your behalf.

Patient Payment Responsibility For Non-Covered Services
In some cases, your insurance may not cover certain services or may have coverage limits in place. Umited coverage on routine, preventive healthcare is common among insurance plans. For this reason. we will provide you a form letter to complete by contacting your insurance plan and verifying the specific coverage you have prior to your preventive health visit. We may request payment for any known, non-covered services at the time of your visit; otherwise they will be billed to you at a later date.

Patient Policies

1. Present your insurance information and valid picture ID upon your first visit. It is your responsibility to update this information should changes occur.

2. Provide us with insurance requirments regarding pre-certification and referral for diagnostic test, hospitalization and visits to specialists.

3. Notify us of cancellations of scheduled appointments with 24 hour notice or you will be billed a $25 no- show fee.

4. Bring a complete list of all current medicatons with dosages and instructions to each office visit for your doctor to review.

5. Notify us of recent visits to other doctors/hospitals and any new allergies to medications since your last viist.

6. Call our office approximately one week after blood or other laboratory work is ordered, if you would like to know the results. We will call you only if lab/blood work results return with an abnormal result and/or necessitate timely follow-up.

7. Understand that all co-pays, deductibles and patient balances are due at the time of service. If you are unable to pay; you must make arrangements.

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