College Park, GA #1 Physician Dr. Kelvin Hamner has Great Reviews From his Patients

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College Park, GA #1 Physician Dr. Kelvin Hamner has Great Reviews From his Patients

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Highly Ranked College Park Doctor, Dr. Hamner Valued Patients Explains Their Experiences

Our goal is to provide boutique service to our patients and parents.  We are a low volume office and consequently we get to know our patients well.  We strive to stay abreast of new and innovative therapies in the alternative and holistic medicine space, while at the same time keeping our conventional medicine credentials up to date.  This list represents a subset of patients who have had success in our clinic and wished to share their experience. Other reviews can be found on the internet.  If you use ZocDoc, HealthGrades, or Vitals read the filtered reviews.  Lastly, keep in mind that not all patients will have success, but we try our best.  We hope to add you to the list of success stories.

Carla R.  08/13/2014

This doctor was excellent. Great bedside manner. He took his time with me and made sure I had everything I needed and answered all of question. He didn't not rush in and out like other doctors I've had. The nurse and staff were just as good as the doctor. I would definitely recommend this doctor to anyone.

Talecia B.  09/22/2016

He's very excellent and knowledgeable. I was very comfortable and will recommend to everyone. Great staff as well. Very welcoming.

Adriane H.  09/25/2016

He was awesome! Just what I was looking for in a Healthcare professional. We have the same goals regarding my health. The staff was extremely polite and equallyas professional.

George G.  11/05/2015

It was good to see a physician who practices what he preaches and that is exercising and staying in shape !! It gives patients motivation to listen and follow his instructions!! He appears to be very knowledgeable and detailed which is a plus when you entrust your most valuable asset your health to the instruction and diagnosis of someone else expertise!!

Toni A.  06/20/2016

Dr. Hamner gives that special touch with his care that makes you feel as though he's been knowing you for a lifetime. No matter what the illness, he makes sure that he does all in his power to get to the bottom of not only healing it, but preventing it from happening again. At the end of (sometime during) every visit, he won't let you leave without emphasizing the need to EXERCISE! (goodness!) It's what he does... LOVE this Doctor!

Piedmont Patient  03/05/2016

Dr. Hamner has always shown concerns in regards to my health. Encourage ask questions if you don't understand. Dr. Hamner excellent doctor. Been with Dr. Hamner every since his first day of practice!! Excellent!

Angela H.  05/24/2013

I have lived in NC, NY and Canada and have had doctors in all 3 areas, Dr, Hamner is by far the best, compassionate, very good at what he does, answers my questions and follows up with me. I have reccomended him to family and friends. He squeezes you into his schedule when you have an urgent issue and make you feel like you are his priority. He is a doctor you can trust.